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Travel Tryout Q and A

Q:  Does my son or daughter need to attend both tryout sessions?
A:  Yes, prospective travel players must attend both tryout sessions. They will need to wear the number assigned to them at BOTH tryout sessions.
Q:  What if my child cannot attend scheduled tryouts?
A:  We understand that conflicts may arise during the week of tryouts. If a player cannot make both scheduled tryouts for his/her age group, the parent must contact the TSC Travel Director, Jose Aponte, via email at prior to the tryouts.  Arrangements may be made for further evaluation of the prospective player at a future practice session. Please keep in mind the child may try out with the  age bracket below or above if there are conflicts.
Q:  Who should tryout for Travel Soccer?
A:  Travel soccer is for children looking for more of a challenge and/or further development as a soccer player. Travel soccer involves a time commitment from both players and parents throughout the soccer season. You should be willing to commit to 2 practices per week and 2 games on the weekend. Practices are typically 90 minutes in duration.

Q:  What Age Group does my child tryout for?
A:  The Connecticut Junior Soccer association determines the age requirements for each League Division as shown below. Parents can choose to play up- to stay with teams- with the knowledge that if they do not make that team- they will be considered for the age appropriate team. 

Q:  What is the procedure for tryouts?
A: PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED in order tryout. NO EXCEPTIONS. ONLINE Travel registration will open prior to tryouts. When registering please be sure to use the same name that appears on the birth certificate. In addition, the travel program fee of $200.00 must be paid at the time of registration (in the event a player is not selected for a travel team, fee refunds will be processed within 30-days of tryouts).  If your child is new to the travel program, the player’s birth certificate (copy) and a 1”x1” photo of child are required at the tryout with the first and last name on the back of the photo. On tryout days, please arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled tryout time, wear cleats & shin guards, and bring a soccer ball & water bottle. Please do not wear a uniform jersey or shirt or shorts with number on it or indicating a premier team name. The child will be given a number at tryouts which MUST be worn at both tryouts. If you have any questions or concerns you may contact Tom Bojarski, TSC Registrar at  If an account has an outstanding balance this must be addressed prior to tryouts. Please contact Erin Reed, TSC President at  or Brock Peters, TSC Treasurer at so that proper payment or payment plan can be made.

Q.  Why is there a fee increase for the travel program? (Implemented 2015)
A.  For the first time in 5 years, the Club has increased registration fees for both its Travel and Recreation programs.  We instituted this fee increase to ensure we continue providing a valuable and rewarding soccer experience to our players, their parents and our coaches.  To continually improve this experience, we invest the majority of our annual revenue on the following items:

  • Field Maintenance – The Club is proud of the condition of our soccer fields and we feel they are among the best in the state.  To accomplish this, we invest significant money in field overhauls (Cross Farms) and ongoing maintenance (fertilizer, irrigation, expense-sharing with the Town).  In addition, we anticipate starting a significant overhaul of Heron Cove 2 in the near future.
  • Equipment – To ensure our players and coaches have an appropriate environment, the Club conducts an annual review of its equipment needs.  This review resulted in four sets of brand-new small-sided goals in 2013 as well as new goals for our U6 and U8 rec programs in 2012.  We anticipate continuing our new goal campaign over the next few years in addition to maintaining/updating cones, pinnies, corner flags for our coaches.
  • Tournaments/Jamborees – To enhance the playing experience for our kids, the Club encourages our rec and travel teams to participate in the many tournaments and jamborees offered throughout the fall and spring seasons.  The Club will continue its commitment of sending all of our travel teams to Cape Cod over Memorial Day weekend (approximately $8,500) and covering the cost of all fees for rec jamborees.
  • Referee Fees – Central to our ability to provide rewarding match-day experiences for our players, coaches and parents is quality referees.  To remain competitive with other districts and to incent our younger referees to serve as the “center”, we are increasing our center-referee fees beginning in fall 2013.  In addition, as our program expands, spring rec teams are competing in the Northeast District Division 5 league which requires the Club to supply 3 referees per rec game.

The Tolland Soccer Club has enjoyed tremendous growth and success.  Upholding the Club’s commitment to delivering a valuable and rewarding experience to all of our constituents is critical to this success.  This fee increase will ensure that the Club is positioned properly for future growth and success.     

Q:  Can I register my child who is not a 2010 Birth year but wants to play travel?
A:  9U teams are typically comprised of 3rd graders.  However, we will allow those entering 2nd grade to be evaluated for our 9U program.  Given the growth of the TSC travel program over the past few years, we have enjoyed the luxury of selecting up to 24 players for our programs and entering two teams in Northeast District league play.  Selection of players is conducted by independent evaluators and is based solely on performance at scheduled tryouts.  The number of prospective players at a tryout does not mandate the number of players selected. 

Q:  My child is already on a travel soccer team. Is it necessary for him to tryout again?
A:  Yes. All players must try out regardless of playing status in the previous seasonal year.

Q:  When and how will we be notified about what team my child has been assigned to?
A:  Players will be notified via email of the tryout results within 5 days of the final tryout.  Please verify the email address entered during the on-line registration process as this will be the primary means of communicating team selection.

Q:  What are my options if my child is not selected to participate in the travel program? 
A:  TSC offers an extensive recreation program for all age groups during the fall. For 9 yr olds and older, this program consists of 1 training session during the week and matches on weekends. More information is available on our website.  

Q:  How many teams will there be in each age group? How many on a team?
A:  Our program has grown significantly over the past few years allowing us to field two teams at the 9U, 10U and 11U age groups.  Given the small-sided (7v7, 9v9), developmental approach at these age groups, we aim to roster up to 24 players resulting in two teams of 12.  Our ability to incorporate two teams at these age groups depends largely on the number of kids trying out and their relative skill level.  Our goal is not to cut players at the 9U age group and roster accommodations may be made to ensure appropriate development and playing time if the program numbers are less than 24.  For our 12U-14U age groups, teams will generally play 11v11 with roster sizes targeted at 18 players.

Q:  Who will be coaching each team?
A:  Coach selection and TSC Board approval for the 9U coaches will occur at TSC’s June Board of Directors meeting. Results of the selection will be announced after team selections.

Q:  When are practices?
A:  There are typically two practices per week during the fall season.  Teams typically practice once per week in the spring.  All
practice dates & times will be determined by the coaches or the TSC.

Q:  How many games are played during the weekend?
A:  In the fall, there are typically two games per weekend.  During the spring, teams often play a lighter schedule (one game per weekend) to accommodate other activities (i.e. baseball, softball, lacrosse).

Q:  Does my child have to play both Fall and Spring season?
A:  The TSC travel soccer program’s seasonal year encompasses both fall & spring seasons as this gives children the best opportunity to develop as players.  However, we do encourage children to experience a variety of sports and recognize the occurrence of conflicts, especially in the spring.  This is the reason for less practice and games during the spring season.

Q:  What happens if not all team members return for Spring season?
A:  The TSC Board, with assistance from affected coaches, will assess how best to formulate spring teams. This may involve bringing on new spring players or combining teams within an age group.

Q:  Will there be separate tryouts for Spring season?
A:  Generally no.  Rosters created after tryouts will cover the fall and spring seasons.  However, since it may be necessary to add players for the spring season, supplemental tryouts for specific age groups may occur.  The TSC will provide notice of any supplemental tryouts via email, our website and general town communication vehicles.

Q:  What do the travel registration fees cover?
A:  Tolland travel player registration fees cover CJSA team fees, CJSA player/manager/coaches insurance, CT Cup fees (if
applicable), various certification/training (i.e. first-aid, goalie training), equipment needs/updates, field maintenance, 2 away tournaments and referee fees for every home game.  Registration fees for the 2016-2017 season are $200.00.
Q:  Are uniforms provided?
A:  No. Uniforms for players are an additional cost. New players will need to order uniform package consisting of home jersey, away jersey, shorts and socks. Cost is around $140.  Other items such as backpack, jackets and pants are optional.

Q:  Where do Travel teams play?
A:  The Tolland Soccer Club is a registered member of the CJSA Northeast District.  However, many of our teams play league games within the CJSA North Central District.  All 9U and 10U teams play games against other Northeast District teams.  Our 11U -14U teams typically play league games within the North Central District.  If there are two teams within any of the 11U -14U programs, one team will play in the Northeast District while the other will play in the North Central District to avoid competition within the Club.  Driving distance to all away games is generally less than 1-hour.  If a team is entered in the CT Cup , these games may require travel outside our district regions.

Q:  What is the Connecticut Cup?
A:  The Connecticut Cup (CT Cup) is a statewide, single-elimination tournament typically played on Saturdays over the course of
a season for 11U and older teams, in both the fall and spring.  Entry into the CT Cup is at the discretion of each coach.

Q: If my child is selected to a travel team, and they decide not to play, can I get a refund?
A:  You many not get a refund if the Travel teams have been posted to the website.  This is to avoid a travel team being short a player after selections are made and to be fair to those that could have taken that spot if the child opted out before teams were posted.

IMPORTANT! Parents can choose to have their child "play up" in order to stay with teams with the knowledge that if they do not make that team they will be considered for their age appropriate team.